ENCOURAGE people to KNOW and follow Christ in their daily lives.

EQUIP people to GROW in  a relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study and discipleship. 

EMPOWER people to GO and use their spiritual gifts to serve and reach others for Christ locally and globally




Bethel Community Church exists to encourage, equip, promote and challenge people in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of their church while also serving our community. 




ALL of the ministries of Bethel Community Church will share with ALL people, regardless of their religious affiliation, the love, acceptance, and integrity that God has for us. 




  • WORSHIP AND PRAYER – which helps us to focus and communicate with our loving God.

  • TEACHING AND INSTRUCTION – which helps us to focus on becoming like Christ.

  • FELLOWSHIP AND SHARING – which helps us be united and to focus on God’s family.

  • EVANGELISM – Evangelism is our base anchor.




To provide opportunities for people to deepen their faith and to experience spiritual growth and renewal in Christ.

 To be Mentors to our younger brothers and sisters in Christ

To address our congregants concerns 

To build networks among our members

To challenge each other to use our talents and spiritual gifts for the glory of God at home, work, church and our community. 


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